Author: David Turnbull

Weekly Roundup (30 Oct – 5 Nov 23)

Podcasts Acquired – Interview with Charlie Munger Link Charlie Munger’s first-ever podcast interview. The sound quality is a bit sketchy (it was recorded at a private dinner), but Charlier more than makes up for it with his razor-sharp mind. It’s hard to believe he’s still able to go so strong at 99. How I Write […]

From bartending to tech marketing

I’ve worked in growth marketing for venture-backed SaaS startups and helped lead an e-commerce business to a successful acquisition. I’ve managed hundreds of thousands of dollars of paid advertising spend, launched dozens of growth experiments (some succeeded, many more failed), and worked with amazing teams of engineers, product managers, marketers, and more.  But it wasn’t […]

Reading: Mao’s Great Famine

I’m currently reading “Mao’s Great Famine”, the first book in the “Peoples Trilogy” series by Frank Dikötter. The book covers the infamous Great Leap Forward period of 1958-1962 when Mao Zedong decided he would force China to surpass Britain’s industrial output within 15 years. The result was widespread famine and suffering across China. As I […]


I recently launched a side project I’ve been working on: [](, a job board that features a curated list of the best jobs in growth. Growth is quite a broad term, but basically if the role would naturally fit within a growth team – growth marketer, growth engineer, product manager, analyst, head of growth – […]