How to move to a career in tech

A series of deep-dive guides to help people move to a career in startups and technology.

How to choose the best tech career
Popular job roles in tech companies & startups
Where should you work? From pre-seed startups to post-IPO

Management consulting to tech

How to move from management consulting to tech

Work in tech marketing

A sub-series of guides for people looking to break into tech marketing.

A deep dive into working in tech marketing
A simple guide to SEO
How B2B SaaS marketing sites & web applications are structured

My journey from bartending to tech marketing

Startups 101

Deep-dive guides to help people build foundational knowledge of the tech industry.

The simple guide to startups, technology companies & venture capital
Journey through Jargon: Tech Buzzwords Explained

Technology 101

Deep-dive guides to help people get a basic understanding of technology.

Technology 101: Hardware
Technology 101: Software
Technology 101: The Internet