I’m David Turnbull, a New Zealander living in Västerås, Sweden.

I love working with early-stage startups to solve difficult growth marketing issues. I’m also a cofounder at Five Star Exit, where we help Amazon Sellers turn their businesses into attractive targets for acquisition.

I was previously in charge of marketing and growth at Oliver James Group, a category-leading Amazon Seller, until it was acquired in May 2021. Prior to my time with OJG I was at Resource Guru, a SaaS startup based in London, UK. I also enjoy building products on the side, generally using Ruby on Rails.

When I’m not working I can usually be found with my family, reading, lifting weights or training BJJ.

What I’m doing now

Last updated: March 2023

  • Living in Västerås, Sweden with my wife and two small children.
  • Building Five Star Exit.
  • Training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and weightlifting.