I’m currently spending much of my time on Metamorphous, where I help people turn their professional experience into a rewarding career in tech.

I’ve spent the majority of my own tech career in marketing and growth roles for SaaS and ecommerce companies, and am available for growth consulting work.

Previous roles

Oliver James Group

OJG was a London-based ecommerce company. I joined OJG as the first hire, working alongside the founder in charge of marketing and growth. Our primary sales channel was Amazon FBA, and we grew our main product to millions of pounds in yearly sales and the number #1 position in the category across Amazon’s European marketplaces. We ultimately decided to sell the company to a leading Amazon aggregator in 2021, and I left after the handover to the new owners was completed.

Resource Guru

Resource Guru is a B2B SaaS company that offers class-leading resource scheduling software used by organizations like Publicis, Apple, Uber and NASA. During my time with Resource Guru I was primarily focused on marketing and growth, but as an early-stage startup I also pitched in to help wherever needed and often found myself helping out in areas like Customer Success and Quality Assurance.

Personal Projects

These are some of the personal projects I’ve built over the past few years:


Currently offline, pending a relaunch. Growthjobs featured a curated selection of the best jobs in growth (growth marketing, hacking, engineering etc), updated every day. It was built using GatsbyJS and hosted on Netlify.

Find Growth Tools

A curated list of the SaaS tools that I’ve found useful during my professional work in growth marketing. Built using GatsbyJS and hosted on Netlify.

Shake / Strain

Shake Strain is a cocktail recipe tool designed for bartenders who want quick access to “spec” style recipes. Built with Angular.