I recently launched a side project I’ve been working on:, a job board that features a curated list of the best jobs in growth. Growth is quite a broad term, but basically if the role would naturally fit within a growth team – growth marketer, growth engineer, product manager, analyst, head of growth – then it’s suitable for the site.

Growth roles in startups are in very high demand but existing job boards have signal-to-noise issues that reduce their usefulness. Job seekers using LinkedIn, Indeed etc need to search through hundreds of general “marketing” or “engineering” roles to try and find those few that are specifically growth-related. And from the employers side, posting to the large job boards and LinkedIn usually results in a deluge of unqualified candidates hitting your inbox.

I’m trying to solve these problems by taking a curated content approach. All jobs posted to Growthjobs are manually reviewed and will only be listed if they’re growth related. Each job must be for a specific company – I’m not posting jobs from recruiters or agencies.

The result is a higher quality selection of jobs, which provides a better range of options for job seekers and a higher standard of applicant for employers.


GrowthJobs is a static site that has been built using GatsbyJS, using Contentful as a CMS to manage the job listings. It’s hosted with Netlify.

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