App: Shake Strain Bartender Recipes

The App

Shake Strain is a simple mobile focused bartender recipe app I’ve built over the past couple of days.

The idea of the app is to provide a fast way to find specific cocktail recipes by name or ingredient, and then give only the essential details required by a bartender to make a drink. I wanted the app to be quick and easy to use on mobile devices and display only the relevant information that a bartender would actually need.

The idea is basically an old case of “scratching my own itch” as during my time in the cocktail bartending scene I often found myself needing to quickly double-check an ingredient in an odd or frequently used recipe.


The app was built over the past weekend, primarily as an excuse to play around with single page applications with AngularJS. I’ve tried to follow standard dev patterns for AngularJS although for simplicity I’ve hardcoded the JSON to simulate an API without actually needing to run a Node server.

I’m using Bootstrap for CSS as I’ve wanted to try v3 for some time to see how the changes from v2, particularly in respect to ‘mobile focused’ design. While I’ve purposely left the app very simple for now, I have a couple of ideas for possible improvements that I may decide to make in the future – we’ll have to wait and see!


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