A selection of personal projects I’ve worked on in recent years. helps couples connect with the best wedding vendors in Nelson and Tasman, New Zealand. Tech stack: Ruby on Rails, Tailwind.
This website has been built using BridgeTown, a Ruby-based static site generator, Tailwind and DaisyUI.

Currently offline. Growthjobs featured a curated selection of the best jobs in growth (growth marketing, hacking, engineering etc), updated every day. It was built using GatsbyJS and hosted on Netlify.

Find Growth Tools
A curated list of the SaaS tools that I found useful during my time working as a SaaS growth marketer. The web app was built using GatsbyJS and hosted on Netlify.

Currently offline. Shake Strain was a cocktail recipe tool designed for bartenders and drink enthusiasts who want quick access to “spec” style recipes. The app was built with Angular.

Make Cocktails at Home
Make Cocktails at Home is a blog I created over the course of a few weeks back in 2012. My aim was to share the knowledge I gained during my time in London’s cocktail bar scene, first as a bartender, and later, as the co-founder of a bartender training company. The site is hosted on WordPress.